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BSB Time Commanders

Time Commanders at BsB

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Have you ever imagined yourself as general, conquering all before you? In BSB Time Commanders, you can live that dream! By focussing on a historical era of your choosing, you will research, construct and command historically-accurate armies in simulated battles.


In a friendly setting, you will develop higher-level skills of interpretation, leadership and communication. By commanding armies under the pressure of battle, you will learn the true meaning of the word teamwork.

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Ultimately you will be able to deliver presentations on the historical context of battles, how they fought, and (crucially) how the world might different if someone else won. The knowledge you will have gained will allow you to develop likely scenarios if the results of historical battles were different.

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By the end of the year, you will have delivered quality presentations about sophisticated historical scenarios while fighting epic battles with awesome people.


Learning intentions

As above, with a particular focus on:

ACP’s of the HLP

  • Strategy planning
  • Big picture thinking
  • Intellectual confidence
  • Intellectual playfulness



Number of students:

6-10 students (as battles could be fought in teams of 3-5 students. 6 would be possible, but would result in an unfavourable number in each team).


Equipment Requirements:


Need to purchase RTW/ MTW2.
http://www.videogamer.com/pc/total_war/system_requirements.html – Rome

Need to ideally purchase 2 laptops, or 2 computers with appropriate graphics cards capable of running games.


To allow steam to work in school on specific computers to load games.


Need to use PowerPoint 2013 in order to create research commentary videos.



We need to find a suitable time in our timetables.


Types of sessions


Eras, them to choose
Example products:



decisive battles. Reporting on the historical significance of a battle.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwJdGShUy8I –

Time Commanders. The social skills involved in a battle.


Long-Term Plan


First Term
Establish aims of ASA.
Model scenarios and research.
To fight an initial battle.

To establish a routine of research-battle-reflection-presentation.